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"The 30-minute solution to your skincare concerns"

DermaSweep MD technology takes micro-resurfacing to the next level through their unique, customizable treatment approach. The bristle tips lift away the top layers of skin and increase micro-circulation to enhance lymphatic drainage, oxygenation, collagen production and the delivery of key skin nutrients. Exclusive infusion solutions containing cutting-edge ingredients are added to target specific skincare concerns, for visible results in just one treatment.

How It Works

DermaSweep’s 3-in-1 therapy combines bristle tip powered exfoliation with oxygen driven circulation for a gentle, yet extremely effective MicroResurfacing treatment.

Following the desired level of exfoliation, the skin is then infused with targeted skin specific infusions. DermaSweep’s SkinFusions contain proven ingredients, such as protective antioxidants, soothing and calming botanicals, hydrating humectants, clarifying alpha-hydroxy acid, skin transforming peptides, age reversing growth factors, and repairing enzymes. 

DermaSweep MD treatments are fast, pain-free, and are customized for each individual patient through 3 categories of paraben-free infusions. Gentle enough to use around the eye area, yet strong enough to treat concerns with pigmentation, fine line, wrinkles, laxity, and acne scarring.



Effective micro-resurfacing begins with DermaSweep’s bristle tip system, which exfoliates the top most layer of skin to sweep away the appearance of skin imperfections, promote collagen, and improve radiance, tone and texture.



Skin benefits from lymphatic drainage, and an increase in oxygenation. Nourishing nutrients are delivered faster to improve overall skin health and boost collagen.



The paraben-free infusion solutions target specific skincare concerns with cutting edge ingredients such as Growth Factors, Peptides, Vitamin C, TCA, and Hyaluronic Acid for optimal skin rejuvenation.

DermaSweep MD + EpiFusion


EpiFusions target specific dermatological concerns such as skin lightening and brightening, dehydration, and much more.

Series of 4

Series of 6

DermaSweep MD + PremiumFusion




PremiumFusions contain powerful, scientifically proven active skincare ingredients including skin transforming peptides, age reversing growth factors, and revitalizing DNA repair enzymes.

DermaSweep MD + PeelFusion


PeelFusions boost the benefits of traditional chemical peels through enhanced delivery of the active skincare ingredients for faster results with less peeling and flaking compared to traditional peels.

+ add a facial to any treatment  $75

Upgrade Your Treatment

+ add a PremiumFusion $35
+ add a PeelFusion $45

  • Do I need to drink water before going in?
    Most people do not drink enough water to begin with and now that you are using an infrared sauna and sweating, it is even more important to stay properly hydrated. Always drink plenty of water before, during and after your sweat session. We recommend drinking at least 8oz of water before your session.
  • When should I arrive?
    Please arrive 10 minutes early and take a few minutes to wind down in our waiting room before your session begins, drink some water, and speak with our staff in preparation for your session.
  • What do I wear?
    We provide you with two towels – one to sit on and one to wrap yourself in. We ask that you always lay one towel on the bench. Naked is best as more skin exposure is preferable, but swimsuits are ok as well! We recommend bringing clothing that are loose fitting and comfortable to put back on after your session.
  • Do I have to shower afterwards?
    A refreshing, cool towel is provided for you, and will be all you need to wipe down after your session!
  • What If I get too hot?
    It's easy. Simply open the door for a minute to let some fresh air inside or pop out and relax outside the sauna for a few minutes.
  • How will I feel during and after my sauna session?
    Infrared saunas heat you very gently and slowly, making it a very peaceful experience for most people. You may find that you do not sweat for the first 10-15 minutes, or not very much at all your first time. With increased usage you will likely notice an increased ability to sweat more productively. After sweating you will feel great. You may notice glowing skin, diminished wrinkles, muscle and injury relief as well as a sense of relaxation.
  • Is there anyone who should not sweat?
    People who should not sweat are pregnant women, those with pacemakers and, although rare, those who have an inability to sweat. If you are on any medication or have any medical conditions, please consult with your doctor before beginning any sauna treatments.
  • Is it true I am still burning calories up to an hour after my session?
    Yes. By increasing your heart rate and core body temperature by 3 degrees in your session, it could take up to an hour to return to normal. We encourage you to stay active before or after your session if you want to maximize the calorie burn.
  • How do you clean the saunas?
    We take cleanliness very seriously and ensure that each suite is fully cleaned in between sessions with non-toxic cleaning supplies. Additionally, infrared heat kills 99% of bacteria, creating an inherently sterile environment.


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